X video downloader for Twitter !

Copy the X (Twitter) video link you want to download

Paste the link in the box above + click the Download button

Click to choose a resolution to download MP4 video files

Update April 7, 2024 : Fixed interface errors and optimized download speed.

Update 1/27/2024 : Fix error of not being able to download X video

Update 12/10/2023: Supported video link formats:
For example: https://x.com/SpaceX/status/17328246435
and https://twitter.com/SpaceX/status/173282463
Update 11/15/2023: Fix X.com's new video format and Add new features.
Update 08/19/2023: Fixed bugs and upgraded Twitter video downloader.
Update 08/06/2023: Fix video download not available for X.

How to copy Tweet link and paste X video link?

If it's your first time using this downloader, you may find it hard to copy the video URL for online downloading. Don't get stressed! Check out the guides below!

    • Step 1: Open the X app on your mobile device. or visit https://twitter.com/
    • Step 2: Log into your X account.
    • Step 3: Find the video you want to download to your smartphone.
    • Step 4: Click on the Share symbol.
copy link x tweet
    • Step 5: Select "Copy the Tweet URL."
copy link x video
  • Step 6: Now you access XXvideodownloader.com.
  • Step 7: If you use your smartphone, click on the empty box and hold on the screen > select Paste.
  • Step 8: If you use your computer, click on the empty box and right-click> select Paste.

How To Download X Videos On Android Devices & iPhones?

download video x tweet iphone android
  • Step 1: Follow the steps above to copy the X video URL.
  • Step 2: Open any web browser on your mobile phone and access XXvideodownloader.com. Paste the link into the empty box.
  • Step 3: Click on the "Download" button.
  • Step 4: Select the video's quality. After clicking the "Download" button, the tool automatically downloads X video to your smartphone.

How To Save X Videos On PC/ Laptops Windows, MacOS?

save x video on pc
  • Step 1: Check the steps above to copy the X video link.
  • Step 2: Access the XXvideodownloader.com website and paste the copied URL into an empty box.
  • Step 3: Click on the "Download" button.
  • Step 4: Select the video quality you desire. Once you've clicked the "Download" button, the downloader automatically saves X videos to your computer or laptop.

X downloader is a feature-rich app that offers many premium features. Here is what makes this powerful tool stand out from its competitors!

1. Download High-Quality X Videos In Full HD

You can download X videos in Full HD (1080p) with X video downloader. It is a premium feature not available in all downloaders.

You can select the video quality you want and save it in the desired format. So you can enjoy it most realistically. This feature is advantageous for watching X videos on big-screen TVs or projectors.

2. Save X Videos Without Limited Downloading Numbers

Another premium feature of X video downloader is its ability to save clips without limitations. Many video downloaders restrict the number of videos you can download to your device daily or weekly.

It is not the case for the X video downloader. It allows you to save hundreds or thousands of your favorite clips from the X website.

3. Convert Tweet Link Into MP4 Quickly

X video downloader also offers a unique feature that lets you quickly convert Tweet URLs into MP4 files. It is handy to save clips from the X website and convert them into a usable format.

The tool can download your favorite X clips to your mobile device quickly, and you can watch them anytime you like.

4. Fast Video Download Speed

This powerful tool boasts a fast download speed. It is another premium feature that sets it apart from other video downloaders.

You no longer have to wait too long to save clips from the X website online! This downloader allows you to experience fast download speeds from 3Mb/s to 20Mb/s. It saves you time! So you can enjoy the content instantly.

5. Available On Smartphones And Computers

The development team constantly optimizes this downloader, so users can use it on both smartphones and computers. You may access the software effortlessly if you are using Samsung, iPhone, or Xiaomi. You can use this feature to enjoy your favorite videos anytime and anywhere.

The best X video downloader list of 2023

Not all X video downloader have the same features. So you must choose a reliable and efficient tool for the best experience. You can consider the following recommendations!

1. XXvideodownloader.com

With XXvideodownloader.com, you can easily download your favorite X videos. It allows you to download videos in various resolutions from 320p to 1080p.

2. SSSTwitter

It is a good tool! It both allows you to download videos and enables you to download the audio of any video. However, this downloader has quite a lot of ads.

3. Savefrom.net

This option is relatively popular. It allows fast download speed and supports many formats. Moreover, it is available on many platforms besides X (Twitter).

4. Savetwitter.net

This X video downloader has many features. For example, it can save X MP4 files to your device. In addition, it helps you convert Tweet URl into MP4 and download GIFs and images.

5. 4K Video downloader

Like the above options, the 4K video downloader offers many benefits. For instance, it can manage downloaded files and batch downloads. Yet, you must pay to register for the Pro package.

6. Snaptwitter

It is worth investing in Snaptwitter. Its user interface is simple and easy to navigate. You can use it anytime. The most outstanding feature is you don't need to spend a dime to download your favorite clips for the X website.

7. X Video Downloader for Twitter

It is an app on Google Play for Android smartphones. You can save the X videos and GIFs on your mobile phone. It is entirely free!

What Is Social Network X?

X is another name for Twitter. Recently, the founder Elon Musk announced to change the name Twitter to X.

The new social network X has all functionalities and interfaces like Twitter. Users can share images, GIFs, videos, and text (limited to 280 characters).

What Is An X Video Downloader?

It is a powerful tool that allows users to download MP4 videos from the social network X.com or Twitter.com. Now, you can use the XXVideodownloader.com website to save your favorite X clips for free.

Why Should You Use The XXVideodownloader Website To Download X Videos?

There are four main reasons for using XXVideodownloader.com to save X videos to your device:

  • Download MP4 videos in 1080p
  • 100% free
  • No need to use apps or software
  • No limitations on downloading numbers

Can I Download Private X Videos?

The short answer is no! Currently, the XXVideodownloader.com website does not support downloading private clips from X. It allows you to save public videos.

Does XXVideodownloader.com Limit X Video Downloads?

No! The website does not restrict the download numbers. It allows you to save hundreds or thousands of clips daily.

Where Can I Find The Files After Successfully Downloading Them?

After the tool downloads videos, they are saved in the default folder "Download." Go to the Menu on your web browser > select Download to view your downloaded files.

How To View The Videos I Have Downloaded?

You can click on Menu on the web browser > select Download. Now you can view the files you have successfully saved. Or you can open the photo gallery app on your smartphone to watch them.

Is X Video Downloader Safe?

The short answer is yes! This website is always following security standards and policies. Moreover, it does not collect user data or require installing malicious video files.

Do I Need To Pay To Use X Video Downloader?

No! You can use this tool for free. XXVideodownloader.com does not require users to pay for the functionalities on the website.

What X Video Quality Can I Download?

Currently, the XXVideodownloader.com website supports many video quality standards. For example, you can save clips in 320p, 540p, 720p (HD), and 1080p (Full HD).

Furthermore, it supports video FPS quality at 15, 20, 30 to 50. It also lets you download video audio bitrates at 48 kbps to 138 kbps.

Does The Tool Support Add-On Extensions For Web Browsers?

Yes! You can use some extensions for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Brave, and Opera Mini. (Here link)

Can I Download X images Or GIFs?

The answer is no! Currently, XXVideodownloader.com does not support this feature. Our development team will update it soon.

Can I Save Twitter MP3?

No! The XXVideodownloader.com website has not yet had the ability to convert X videos into MP3 files.

How Long Does It Take To Download An X Video?

The time it takes to finish downloading a video will depend on how long or short the video is and your internet speed (wifi, 3G, 4G, or 5G). And on average, it will take 2 to 10 minutes for the download to complete.

How To Download A Video From Tweets With Multiple Videos?

You need to click on the video to watch it. Next, select "Share"> "Copy Link." After that, access the XXVideodownloader.com website to download videos.

Is It Legal To Download X (Twitter) Videos?

Have. If you download videos for personal use, you can use it legally. Yet, if you use it for commercial purposes, it will be illegal, and you can be sued.

Can I Download Videos From A Private X Account?

No. You won't be able to download videos from private X accounts. XXVideodownloader.com only Supports Downloading Videos From Public Accounts.

Does It Support Saving 2K or 4K High-Quality X MP4 Videos?

No! Because X (Twitter.com) currently only supports 1080p quality, you cannot download videos with 2K or 4K resolution.

Do I Need To Register An Account To Download X Videos?

The answer is No. You don't need to create an account and log in to download X (Twitter) videos. We want you to download videos as quickly as possible.

Can I Download X's Live Stream Videos?

No! XXVideodownloader.com does not support this feature.

Can I Download Comment Videos On X?

Yes. You can download X videos from the comment section. You need to click on the clip > click on "Share"> Copy the URL > access XXVideodownloader.com to download it.

How To Download X Videos Without App Installation?

The process is straightforward. You can effortlessly download clips for X without installing the app on your mobile phone or downloading software on the computer.

Why Can't I Download Twitter Videos?

You cannot save Twitter videos because of the following reasons:

  1. You may delete your video.
  2. The clip is in private mode.
  3. The system has errors.

Does It Support Shortcuts For iPhones?

Yes! You can use the DTwitter shortcut to convert video URL x.com (twitter.com) into MP4 to save on your iPhone or iPad. You can get the shortcut here:

Does It Support Telegram BOT Or Reddit BOT?

The short answer is yes! You can use BOT Telegram or BOT Reddit to save X videos effortlessly. You only need to copy the clip URL, access BOT, and paste the link. The system automatically sends you a link to download it. Click on it to start the process. (Here link)

Does It Have The X Downloader APK App Version?

No! XXVideodownloader.com doesn't support APK on Android devices. That said, you can download the version from Google Play. (Here)

Website Support Saving X Videos Without A Watermark?

The videos of X (Twitter) currently do not have watermarks (watermark, logo, ID). So the clips you download will not have a watermark.

Does It Support Batch Downloading Tweet Videos From Usernames?

The short answer is No! The XXVideodownloader.com website does not support this feature on X (Twitter).

What Operating System Can I Use To Save X Videos?

You can use today's popular operating systems, such as Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS, Linux, and Chrome OS.

Pros And Cons Of X Video Downloader?


  • Fast file download speed.
  • Free of charge.
  • No ads.
  • Easy to use and convenient.
  • High-quality video.


  1. Unable to download private X video.
  2. "file not found" Error.
  3. Unable to download MP3 files.

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